August 22, 2004

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قراری کرده‌ام با می‌فروشان
که روز غم به جز ساغر نگيرم

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كسی كه بی تو سفر كرد طعمه‌ی موج است

دوستان ناديده، دشمنان بيهوده

ای شب از اسرار گيسوی‌ات خجل . . .

بی تو نمی‌توان زيست

زمانه عوض شده است!

خدای ابلهان و خدای عالمان!

يا علی مدد

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من خواستار جام مي از دست دلبرم
اين راز با كه گويم اين درد كجا برم


مبارك بادت اين روز و همه روز...
كه سالها بماني و ببالي

Dear Mr. Dariush M. First let me thank you for this “ malakut phenomena” which you are the originator. I am not one of those people that have too muck expectation from this Internet etc, but I do visit some sites which I believe have some thing to say. I read your article on “ harze nevisiyaheh edibane” and I must say that I do agree with most of what you have said. But I go disagree with you when you said that” The web logs are the virtual home of the person” The adjective virtual says a lot about the nature of this home. I do agree with you, the comments that are nasty and disgusting must be removed but the other criticism must be kept in tact, because with which yardstick we are going to judge the comment and then decide on its deletion? Unfortunately I have seen some --- I even could say a large number -- of the web loggers delete the messages just because they did not like it. If a person expresses a thought on the web--- which has an affect on others--- the others have the right to express their own.

Internet is an open system and does not belong to anybody, and should not be seen as a home. As a matter of fact in USA there is a law which says that the outside of the property does not belong to the owner, so a total stranger have the right to sit out side and take video and picture of a property as much as he can. ---even from the mansions of the movie stars in Beverly Hills, regardless of whether or not the owner is being annoyed. --- In my opinion, having tolerance and not deleting their critical comments is the first step in exercising democracy and it says a lot about the caliber of the web logger..

وبلاگت را خيلي مي خواندم. از قبل تر ها. حالا خودم صاحب خانه شدم. آن زمان كه مي آمدم تو ميهمانم مي كردي. حال نوبت پذيرايي من است. كرم نما و فرود آ كه خانه خانه توست...

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